5 Meditation Games to Try in 2022

Several mindfulness and meditation applications are available these days, each promising to help you overcome worry, sleep better, sharpen your attention, and more.

There’s an odd connection between meditation and gaming. Relaxing video games provide a comparable sensation to meditation, but meditation may also help you become a better player. Here are our favorite 5 applications for meditating, gaming, and relaxing.

1. SoundSelf

5 Meditation Games to Try in 2022

Andromeda Entertainment’s SoundSelf is a VR meditation game with a “technogenic transforming experience.”

SoundSelf is a virtual reality interactive experience in which your voice serves as the controller. It may be played with a VR headset or your standard Windows or Mac setup. To play the game, you’ll need a webcam and a microphone.


2. Abzu/Journey

5 Meditation Games to Try in 2022

While they both work with very distinct visuals, techniques, and tales, the tone and feel of what they are attempting to achieve seem quite similar, and they both live on the notion of immersion.

They also elicit a strong sense of concentration and awareness during their respective runtimes, with an aesthetic sense of wonder that makes each feel more like an experience than a game.


3. Night in the Woods

5 Meditation Games to Try in 2022

 Not only does “Night in the Woods” minimalist gameplay stress calm movement and basic dialogue interactions as its heart, but it also explores many important subjects such as mental health, sexuality, poverty, and problems in a serious and complicated manner.

It truly challenges you to be there with each character in their problems, and it may reflect and connect with the proper individual.


4. Enchanted Forest

5 Meditation Games to Try in 2022

It’s a brief interactive title with soothing music and graphics.

The inventors claim that, like binaural beats, it employs different sound frequencies to induce distinct brainwaves, which is a similar principle to that employed in sound healing.

Likewise, this one is 100% free, albeit some in-app purchases are available.


5. Playne

5 Meditation Games to Try in 2022

Playne is a meditation game from independent game developer Vismaya. It is a game that uses a small fox to teach you how to meditate and be aware.

In the game, you meditate every day, and the environment around you begins to alter as you do so. The environment transforms from a desolate wasteland to a gorgeous, breathtaking view, much like when you concentrate and begin to see how wonderful the world is.

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