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Apex Legends Nvidia Reflex Greyed Out Fix

One of Respawn Entertainment’s and Electronic Arts’ most well-liked and competitive free-to-play hero shooter games is Apex Legends. It lets players experience multiplayer cooperation through a character-driven, squad-based Battle Royale shooter, where renowned in-game characters compete for glory, fame, and money. Even though it has been out for a few years, it appears that there are still some problems and flaws. On PC, some players are currently experiencing the Apex Legends Nvidia Reflex Greyed Out Issue.

In terms of NVIDIA Reflex, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 40 Series, RTX 30 Series, RTX 20 Series, and GTX 16 Series GPUs can use it. Furthermore, the monitors that enable G-SYNC offer the lowest latency and optimal input responsiveness, enabling gamers to engage in competitive gameplay. A software called Nvidia Reflex essentially aids in lowering system latency. It’s amazing how it combines game and graphics card optimizations to dynamically lower latency.

With this capability, mouse and keyboard inputs will be processed by your PC and the display monitor much more quickly. It is free of performance overhead and is dependent on NVIDIA Ultra-Low Latency Mode on an individual basis. On NVIDIA graphics cards that are compatible, you will experience better input responses and latency reductions in demanding gaming scenarios if you have both NVIDIA Reflex and NVIDIA Ultra-Low Latency Mode active on your system.

Apex Legends Nvidia Reflex Greyed Out

Fix Apex Legends Nvidia Reflex Greyed Out Issue

The majority of the newest video games, including Apex Legends and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Warzone, Black Ops Cold War, Fortnite, Valorant, and Destiny 2, are compatible with NVIDIA Reflex. In case you find yourself among those that have the Nvidia Reflex appearing grayed out in the Apex Legends Settings menu, be sure to follow our comprehensive troubleshooting method to fix it. So let’s get started without wasting any more time.

1. Restart the PC

To clear off any transient problems or cache data, you can first simply reboot the computer. A simple system restart may occasionally assist in resolving any number of problems.

2. Run Apex Legends as an Administrator

To be sure there isn’t a problem with system permissions, it’s also advised to run the Apex Legends software as an administrator on the PC by following the instructions below.

  • Navigate to the directory where Apex Legends is installed.
  • On your PC, right-click the application file.
  • Choose Properties and then select the Compatibility tab.
  • To activate it, click the Run this software as an administrator option.
  • To save the changes, click Apply and then OK after finishing.
  • Next, launch the game to see if there is a problem.

3. Check for Apex Legends Updates

In order to prevent any potential bugs that may arise from using an old game version, we also advise you to manually check the game update through the Steam client or EA App. Most errors or stability difficulties are caused by an outdated game patch version, which may be resolved by following the instructions below.

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  • Launch the Steam client, then select Library.
  • From the window on the left, select Apex Legends.
  • Click Update if there is a new version available.
  • Allow it to finish in a few minutes.
  • Restart your computer to make the changes take effect.

For EA App:

  • Open the EA App on your computer.
  • Log in with a valid account and select Profile from the upper right corner.
  • Next to the profile, click the down arrow button.
  • Click Settings > Choose Download after that.
  • You must activate the Update games automatically toggle from the Updates section.
  • Activate the background service option now.
  • To implement the changes, exit and then reopen the EA App.

4. Verify and Repair the Game Files

When it comes to in-game features and game launch, any type of missing or corrupted game files might cause you a great deal of trouble. It is advised to use the procedures listed below to check and fix the PC’s installed game files.

For EA App:

  • Launch the EA App, then select My Collection.
  • On Apex Legends on the list, perform a right-click.
  • Press Repair > Wait till the verification process is finished.
  • Restart the computer to have the modifications take effect.

For Steam:

  • Open Steam > Select “Library.”
  • Tap and hold Apex Legends.
  • Select Properties >. Access Local Files.
  • Select Verify Integrity of Game Files at this point.
  • Hold off until this process is finished.
  • Reboot the computer to have the modifications take effect.

5. Update Your Graphics Driver

While playing video games, problems with the graphics card driver, such as an out-of-date or corrupted driver, can occasionally lead to many conflicts. It is advised to search for and install the most recent graphics driver version.

Recommended Update:

  • In the list, select Device Manager by pressing the Win+X keys.
  • Select Display Adapters and double-click.
  • You can perform a right-click on your dedicated graphics card.
  • Choose Update Driver and then click on Find drivers automatically.
  • It will download and install the most recent version automatically if there is an update available.
  • Restarting the computer will make the modifications take effect.

Manual Update:

If you are unable to locate any pending upgrades, go to the relevant graphics card brand’s official website below and conduct a manual search for the most recent version. Always keep in mind that you need to look for the most recent driver version that is specific to the model you are using. Download and install the latest graphics card driver on your computer if one is available. To do so, click the following link:

6. Enable Nvidia Reflex in the Game Settings

If the graphics driver upgrade didn’t work for you, you should also try enabling the Nvidia Reflex option in the game settings menu by following the instructions below.

  • Open Apex Legends and select the Settings option.
  • Select Video Settings > Advanced Video by clicking.
  • Turn on the Nvidia Reflex feature.
  • Restart the game after saving your adjustments.

7. Disable DirectX 12

Please ensure that DirectX 12 is disabled and try DirectX 11 instead if you’re using it now. However, a few gamers have reported that DirectX 12 frequently causes the Nvidia Reflex not to function issue. To carry out:

  • Launch Apex Legends and select the Settings option.
  • Go to the Video Settings.
  • Navigate to the area under Advanced Video.
  • Make sure the DirectX 12 option is turned off.
  • Save your edits and launch the game again.

8. Set Launch Options

To partially circumvent the Nvidia Reflex greyed-out issue, you can also manually add the launch choices for Apex Legends in the client.

  • Launch Steam and select Library.
  • Tap Apex Legends and choose Properties with a right-click.
  • Navigate to the Launch Options Set.
  • Fill in the field with -eac_launcher_settings.
  • Restart the game after saving your adjustments.

9. Turn Off Windows Firewall

In case you’re seeing problems with the PC’s security programs or the game’s launch, make sure they’re disabled. Aggressive antivirus software can occasionally prevent continuous connections to the game files or servers. To carry out:

  • Click Start > Search, then select Windows Defender Firewall.
  • From the left side, select Turn Windows Defender Firewall On or Off.
  • Choose the option to disable Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) now.
  • Apply the same setting to all of the domain, public, and private network settings.
  • To save the changes, click OK after finishing.

10. Disable Antivirus Protection

It’s also advised to momentarily disable any antivirus software that may be installed on your computer. It could be either a third-party antivirus program or Windows’ built-in antivirus program. However, utilizing in-game settings might occasionally be painful due to aggressive program file scanning and blocking. Several customers have discovered that turning off the antivirus program is a useful trick.

  • Navigate to Windows Settings by using the Win+I keys.
  • On Update & Security, click.
  • Select Windows Security from the pane on the left.
  • Select “Open Windows Security” now.
  • Virus & Threat Protection is open.
  • Select “Manage settings” by clicking.
  • Disable the real-time security feature.
  • To continue, click Yes when requested.

That’s all, folks. We hope you found this information to be useful. Any more questions? Please leave a comment below.

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