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Are you a victim of high blood pressure? Recognize these symptoms

High Blood Pressure SymptomsNowadays people get angry over small things, get headache and feel nervous. If the same problem is happening with you then you may be suffering from high blood pressure ie hypertension disease. High blood pressure is related to arteries called arterioles, which regulate blood flow in the body. When the arteries become dilated, the heart has to work harder to pump blood and this leads to the problem of blood pressure. If the problem of blood pressure is not controlled in time, then it can lead to heart problems.

7 symptoms of high blood pressure

  1. When blood pressure increases in the body, many changes occur. The patient of hypertension often gets angry and feels tense.
  2. If you suddenly start seeing blurred vision or you feel discomfort in the eye site, then it can be a sign of blood pressure disease.
  3. If you suddenly feel severe headache, chest pain and shortness of breath, then these can also be symptoms of blood pressure disease.
  4. If you feel like a state of confusion, then this can also be a warning sign of blood pressure.
  5. Seizures may occur due to increased blood pressure or red spots may appear on the skin.
  6. When the blood pressure increases, suddenly swelling starts increasing in the legs. You should not ignore it.
  7. If you have complaints like vomiting or nausea, anxiety, then in such a situation also you need to be careful.

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