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Can aluminum utensils cause cancer? Learn

Cooking Tips for Aluminum Utensils: In most homes, food is cooked in aluminum utensils. Food is prepared quickly in this and it is easy to maintain them. It is claimed that by eating food cooked in aluminum utensils, there is a risk of cancer. But is this really true? Learn-

Should I cook food in aluminum or not?

There is no solid evidence that links aluminum to cancer. Many studies have been done regarding this, but no one has provided evidence that eating cooked in aluminum utensils causes cancer.

It is said that there are no harmful effects of aluminum in the body of young adults. The body consumes only one percent aluminum from the food you eat cooked in aluminum utensils and your kidneys clean most of it.

Do elderly people suffer?

Aluminum can affect elderly people in the form of dementia. With age, the ability of the kidney to function decreases. Due to which aluminum starts accumulating in the body. It can also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s.

aluminum utensils what not to cook in

Aluminum dissolves easily in acidic food such as tomatoes, vinegar, tea and coffee, so it is advisable not to use these things if you are cooking in aluminum utensils.

Tips for Safe Cooking

If you always use aluminum utensils for cooking and your utensils are old, have scratches, then this can expose you to high amounts of aluminum absorption. It is better that you replace it immediately.

Many aluminum utensils are layered with sheets of Teflon, so that the absorption of aluminum in food is not increased. Also keep in mind that always use a wooden or silicone spatula to stir while cooking in aluminum utensils.

At the same time, it would be better that you cook food in steel, clay and cast iron utensils. These are the safest materials.

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