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Constipation has such an effect on the internal organs of the body

Constipation Effect On Body: When constipation occurs, most people feel that only your stomach is affected by it. Although it is not so. When there is a complaint of frequent constipation, not only the stomach is affected, many other parts of the body like large intestine, bowel, anus tissues are also affected. During constipation, when you apply more pressure to pass the motion, then your body has to suffer many types of damages. Here’s what they’re talking about…

  • The problem of constipation affects both your body and your emotions. Like when you are constipated your appetite also gets affected. Your stomach gets full even after a small meal and then after some time you start feeling hungry or weak.
  • When you apply more force to pass the motion, there is a lot of pressure on the internal cells and muscles of the body. This can start leaking in these muscles. There may also be a problem of swelling in these muscles. Which works to increase your pain.


One of the reasons for constipation is the lack of hydration in the body. But at the same time it is also true that people who are often constipated, they start getting dehydration. Because dehydration also occurs due to constipation. This causes problems like headache, dizziness and excessive sweating.

risk of hemorrhoids

People who have frequent constipation, the risk of getting piles ie piles problem increases manifold. This happens because these people apply a lot of pressure everyday to pass the motion. This increases the risk of blood vessels dilating apart from swelling and bleeding in the small cells located inside the stool, which can lead to piles.

leaking urine

Both the bladder and the large intestine are very close inside the body. Regarding the problem of constipation and urine leakage, the Department of Urology of the University of California says that the muscles and vessels that operate the bladder inside the body, they are very closely related to each other. In such a situation, the more amount of stool collected in the large intestine, the more pressure will be created on the bladder. If this happens, there will be a problem of passing urine again and again and urine leakage can also start.

bloating and gas

People suffering from constipation know how uncomfortable it can be to pass foul-smelling gas when the stomach is not clean. Also, if bloating starts, then walking, getting up, sitting and focusing on your work, there is a problem in everything.

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