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Despite being a mother of three children, she is so fit, this beautiful entrepreneur gives credit to Yoga

New Delhi‍Lee: Kunj Yadav, who helped her father in her family business since the age of 16, sometimes as an athlete, has become a mother of three children. But she‍she has kept herself so fit, she gives credit to yoga. On the occasion of International Yoga Day, he shared his thoughts on the importance of Yoga in his life. 

Kunj says that, “Today our country is celebrating the nectar festival of its independence. So being a responsible citizen, especially a mother, I feel that we need to pay special attention to those children who are not able to join the mainstream of the society due to some special physical or mental challenges or are far behind. are released. This is also part of our social responsibility.” 

Yoga in my view is the name of realizing the vision of a happy, prosperous and satisfying life with a healthy body and mind. By giving love and respect to these children and doing yoga with them, I have felt the same peace as after hours of meditation or pranayama. 

During the camp, Kunj Yadav told that the Special Olympics India is actually a special effort of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, Government of India, which was launched by the Prime Minister has been started by Narendra Modi under Khelo India for differently abled or physically and mentally special children.

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