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Donation of these things on Akshaya Tritiya opens the closed luck, know the date and time

Akshaya Tritiya 2022: In Hinduism, the day of Akshaya Tritiya is considered very auspicious for auspicious works. This festival is celebrated every year on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. It is also known as Akha Teej. The worship of Goddess Lakshmi on Akshaya Tritiya has special significance. Buying gold on this day is very auspicious. This time Akshaya Tritiya is falling on 3rd May.

renewable Tritiya date And Good Auspicious beginning

  • renewable Tritiya date start, May 3 at 5:19 am
  • renewable Tritiya date ending, May 4 till 7.33 am in the morning.
  • Rohini Star, It will start from 12.34 am on May 3 and will end at 3:18 am on May 4.

renewable Tritiya To These things Of do charity

It is believed in Hinduism that donating these things on the day of Akshaya Tritiya brings immense blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. It is said that by donating the following things on this day, the doors of closed fortunes of the people are opened. They get wealth, glory and respect. Let’s know about the list of things to donate.

water,Pot Of charity, According to Hindu religious texts, donating any vessel of water like a glass, pitcher etc. on the day of Akshaya Tritiya is very auspicious.

Cow Of Service do, By serving a cow on the day of Akshaya Tritiya, one attains renewable virtue. Feeding a cow by mixing jaggery in water or feeding it by wrapping jaggery in roti is considered auspicious. This leads to the attainment of inexhaustible virtue.

barley charity Doing, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped on this day. Barley should be offered at his feet.

food charity, In Hinduism, donating food grains i.e. rice, flour and pulses on the day of Akshaya Tritiya is considered very virtuous and fruitful.

Akshaya Tritiya 2022: The day of Akshaya Tritiya is considered auspicious for auspicious and auspicious works, know the reason and importance

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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