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Eating more black pepper in summer can cause these damages

Side Effects Or Black Pepper: Black pepper is used a lot in spices. People are using black pepper fiercely to increase immunity in Corona, but do you know that eating more pepper than necessary can have a negative effect on your health in summer. Black pepper enhances the taste of food and is used in making decoction. Black pepper is beneficial for health. It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory properties, which keep the liver, kidney and intestines safe. Anti-cancer properties are also found in black pepper. But keep in mind that you have to use black pepper in limited quantity. Eating too much can cause these damages.

1- Heat in the stomach- Eating more black pepper can cause burning and heat in the stomach. Eating black pepper in summer can also cause gas, diarrhea and constipation. The taste of black pepper is hot. So eat it in limited quantity only. People of pitta prakriti should not eat black pepper. This can lead to many problems.

2- Harmful in pregnancy- Pregnant women should not eat hot things. In such a situation, you should also consume black pepper in limited quantity. The mother feeding the child should also eat less black pepper. This may harm the baby. Do not eat black pepper at all in summer.

3- Skin allergy- Eating black pepper in summer can cause skin problems. By eating hot things, the moisture of the face goes away. Therefore, avoid eating more black pepper. By eating black pepper, bile increases and the skin starts itching. This can also increase the problem of irritation, rash and acne on the face.

4- Stomach ulcer- Stomach patients start having problems by eating more black pepper. Eating black pepper can also cause stomach ulcers. If you are troubled by the problem of ulcers, then you should avoid eating black pepper. This can make the problem worse.

5- Breathing problems may increase- There is a risk of increasing respiratory problems by eating more black pepper. By eating black pepper, the flow of oxygen is affected and the problem of breathing starts increasing. Respiratory patients should not eat black pepper or eat it in very limited quantity.

Disclaimer: ABP News does not confirm the methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article. Take these only as suggestions. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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