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Even if gold is in the dirt, it should be taken, what is the deep secret behind this talk of Chanakya, know

Chanakya Niti, Motivation Thought in Hindi: Chanakya Niti says that man should keep himself ready for every situation. Those who do not change themselves when the time comes, they suffer pain and trouble. Today’s Chanakya policy is very special. Everyone should know and understand this thing of Acharya Chanakya.

Vishadapyamritam grahyammedhyaadpi kanchanam.
Ranichadpyuttama Vidyanastreeratnam Duskuladpi.

Through this verse of Chanakya Niti, Acharya Chanakya says that a person should take out the nectar even from poison. Similarly, if gold is lying in the dirt, then it should be picked up. There should not be any hesitation in this. Along with this, if one can get the best knowledge even from a person born in a weak family, efforts should be made to attain it. Because there is nothing wrong with it. Chanakya says that if a girl from a disgraced house is also endowed with great qualities and gives you some lessons, then she should not hesitate to adopt it too.

Satkule yojayetkanyam son Vidyasu yojatet.
Addiction yojayechchhatrum mitra dharme niyojayet.

The verse of Chanakya Niti is also very useful. Acharya Chanakya wants to tell through this verse that a girl should be married in a good family. The son should be given the best education, the enemy should be put in trouble and troubles, and the friends should be engaged in religious work. Those who do so achieve success. One who takes care of these things and implements them, he does not have to suffer.

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