Fighting Pet Hair? The Solution Might Be in Your Kitchen

A dog rolls around on a couch.

Whether you have cats or dogs, their hair is an unavoidable nuisance. From the stray fur that gets stuck on your clothes to the tufts that collect on your floor, it’s basically everywhere. When it comes to your furniture, though, there might be an easier way to tackle it.

Rubber gloves could be the secret to removing pet hair from your couch and cushions. Now, of course, you can always use a handheld vacuum to do this, but who wants to lug out an appliance if you don’t have to?

To try this, simply pull on a pair of gloves and rub your hands over the areas covered in pet hair and/or lint. They’ll pick it right up, and then you can either toss the gloves or rinse them off and reuse them.

How does this work, though? It’s actually fairly straightforward. When you rub your hand over the fabric while wearing the glove, you create friction. That friction means that the fabric creates static energy, and in turn, the pet hair and lint will stick to the glove. Pretty neat, right?

If that method isn’t as effective as you’d like, you can also dampen your gloves. That should ensure the fur sticks, and you’ll still only need to rinse them clean after use.

Once you’ve removed all the hair, don’t forget about this clever hack for preventing it completely.

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