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Fourth big Mars tomorrow, Hanuman ji is pleased by doing these things, it rains grace

Bada Mangal: Worshiping Bajrangbali on Tuesday gives special results. All Tuesdays falling in Jyeshtha month are known as Bada Mangal. People have great faith in this big Mars. Bhandaras are organized everywhere. To save people from the scorching heat, arrangements are made for drinking water everywhere. Bada Mangal is the day of worship of Hanuman ji.

It is believed that on the Tuesday of Jyeshtha month in Satyuga, Hanuman ji in Vipra form met Lord Shri Ram ji while wandering in the forest. According to another legend, on this day in Dwapar Yuga, Bajrang Bali destroyed the pride of Bhima by taking the form of an old monkey.

Hanuman Yes of Blessings Received to do of Measure

There is such a belief in Sanatan Dharma that as long as this earth will exist. Till then Bajrangbali will continue to roam on this earth. In such a situation, with the compassion of this mighty heroic and awakened God, all our bad deeds can be done. Do these things to keep Hanuman ji happy-

  1. After taking a bath on Tuesday, going to the nearest Hanuman temple and offering Chola to Hanuman ji, Hanuman ji is pleased and the desired result is obtained.
  2. If a person has employment related problems, he is not able to get a job or business is coming to a standstill. So that person should offer paan to Hanuman ji on Tuesday. By doing this, the blessings of Hanuman ji are obtained.
  3. A person suffering from incurable disease should go to Hanuman temple and recite Hanuman Chalisa and should chant Nase disease Harai Sab Peera, chant Hanumant Veera continuously. Due to this the person gets rid of diseases.
  4. To avoid difficulties and troubles, by going to the Hanuman temple, all the troubles are erased, those who chant Sumire Hanumant Balbira, this will get freedom from all the troubles.
  5. To get the blessings of Bajrangbali, you should go to any Ramdarbar temple and chant the name of Ram 108 times. Bajrangbali is pleased with this.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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