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Home Decor: With these decor tips, you can make your home airy and cool in summer

Balcony or Garden Area
Create a nice setup in your balcony or garden area with cushions, small tables and enjoy this refreshing moment of indoor outdoor lifestyle with friends and family.

Window Seating
Cleanse the windows of your house completely and build a seating area around it. Change your window curtains according to the summer season and put cushions around. To make this look even better, you can also plant indoor plants. 

choose wide doors
If you are also building a new house, then definitely keep in mind that choose wide doors. With this, air will be found comfortably in the house. Due to which the environment will remain pure. 

hanging pots
To make your place more natural and fresh, you should plant leafy plants in and around the house. Use transparent curtains with hanging pots in your living area.

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