How To Delete Messages on Indeed?

If you are looking for the query how To delete messages on indeed on the internet then this article is best for you to solve your problems.

Recently, I’ve been looking for a job and came across Indeed. After spending some time on the site, I found that there were many messages in my inbox. The message section lets you delete individual messages or all of them at once. However, when clicking on the β€œdelete” button it doesn’t seem to work – what am I doing wrong? Luckily, after reading this article you’ll be able to delete messages on indeed in no time!

How To Delete Messages on Indeed

On theΒ Indeed website, go to Indeed Resume and click β€œDelete Messages” in the Messages section. You can also follow these steps: Open your browser and go to Click β€œHelp” in the upper-right corner of the screen. Click β€œContact Support” and a window will open up asking for a description of your issue.

Under β€œWhere did you see this message?β€œ, select β€œResume.” Fill out your email address, name, phone number and description of your problem. Select an issue from the dropdown list and click β€œSubmit.” Your information will be sent to Indeed customer support.

How To Delete Messages on Indeed from an Interview?

From the job seeker perspective: From Indeed Resume, select β€œManage Messages” and then choose the message you want to remove. Click β€œDelete Message.”

From the employer perspective: Even though employers cannot see your messages on Indeed Resume, they can still contact you through email. Therefore, it is best for job seekers not to add personal contact information to their Indeed Resume.

Non-native speaker errors: Missing comma between β€œIndeed” and β€œResume.” The first letter should be capitalized in β€œindeed.” Incorrect tense is used for the verb phrase, where should be deleted.

Speaker intent: To inform job seekers about how to delete messages on Indeed Resume.

Speaker knowledge: The speaker seems to be familiar with the Indeed website, as they are able to provide step-by-step instructions for how to delete messages on Indeed Resume. However, they seem to have missed the fact that job seekers can also delete their messages from an employer’s perspective by clicking β€œDelete Message.”

Overall evaluation: Too many errors to be considered professional. The structure of the article is great, though there are some tone issues when the speaker uses words like β€œIndeed Resume” in lowercase when it should be capitalized. This suggests that perhaps the speaker was rushing at the end.

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