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Keep in mind, fitness gadgets are not increasing your tension.

Fitness Gadgets Side Effects: Sleep monitoring, stress monitoring and 24X7 monitoring of heart beat can at times increase your discomfort rather than reduce it. Use these fitness tools, but if your vital signs are slightly up and down and you are worried about it, then use them in limit.

Smart watch gives Nocebo effect- Nosibo effect is a term in which sometimes a thing, event or thought affects you negatively. Your BP is slightly up and down but you do not know, but if the smart watch will get the update of BP all the time and you come under tension if it is more or less then it is called nosibo effect.

Do not wear smart watch all the time- It has been revealed in many researches that monitoring of oxygen in the blood all the time or monitoring of heart beat increases the stress further. Sometimes the heart beat is more or less, but all this is not even known, but through monitoring, you keep getting to know about these things.

Know your own sleep pattern If you are told that you have to sleep for 8 hours under supervision, then you may not get as deep sleep as it normally does. Similarly, if you sleep wearing a smart watch to monitor your sleep, then you will not get that deep sleep.

stress and do not increase- Even if you are not a BP patient, then many times a day the BP goes up and down a little, but if you do not know, then there is no tension. But if the notification starts coming after a little bit less BP, then the stress starts increasing, so do not monitor BP all the time.

Do not increase heart beat Even in smart watch, monitoring of heart beat all the time is not a good thing. If the heart beat increases in sports or any other activity, then its notification starts coming in the watch, due to which the stress increases further. All these gadgets are better for those people who do not care about these things, but excessively sensitive people start getting upset when their vital sign is slightly up and down, then use these gadgets less.

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