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Keep these things in mind in the first meeting with life partner, those with arranged marriages should take special care

Arranged marriages: Even today in India, people do more arranged marriages than love marriages. The culture of arranged marriage is very old. However, choosing a life partner in arranged marriage is not an easy task. In love marriage you already know your partner but in arranged marriage it does not happen every time. In arranged marriage, the role of joining two families is mostly performed by a third person. We are going to give you some special tips here, with the help of which you can choose your right partner in arranged marriage.

In arranged marriage, the boy is found by the parents, friend-relatives, earlier the girl-boys used to say yes to the marriage without meeting, but now it is not so, now the times have changed, people first meet and talk to each other. Then yes to the relationship. In this era of digital revolution, now you are looking for your partner according to education and career. So for this you can take help of Matrimonial Websites.

Pay special attention to the questions in the first meeting
The first meeting with the partner in arranged marriage is very special. From the very first meeting, it is known whether you want to pursue marriage with him or not. It is important to control your hesitation and hesitation at the time of meeting. When you get a chance, talk openly with your partner, maybe they too are hesitant to start talking. First of all make them feel comfortable and talk well. Do not ask personal questions during this time. Try to explain them as much as you can. Prepare beforehand whatever questions you want to ask. This gives full opportunity for conversation.

start talking like this
You may not know each other but don’t let them feel that when you meet. Meet openly like a friend. Offer tea and coffee to end the hesitation and start the conversation. Ask them about their preferences before making an offer. This will help them to be comfortable. In these ways, a situation to talk openly starts being created. You can ask questions related to their hobby, likes and dislikes, future planning.

Take special care of these things
In arranged marriage, it is important to take care of many things in the first meeting, otherwise your talk may break before moving forward. Never ask or tell about their breakup or love-affairs at the time of meeting. It is also not good to ask the partner’s salary in the very first meeting. Apart from this, whether you like it or not, do not even ask such questions. Do not prolong anything, keep your phone on silent while talking.

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