Lifetime Announces Movie About Gabby Petito’s Murder – E! Online

While Petito’s story gained overwhelming attention, it continued a debate concerning the stories that manage to garner headlines and the ones that don’t, like the murders of women of color and trans women.

Lifetime promises they are “also in development on several movies surrounding violence against women who may not have had the same media attention as Gabby Petito,” including the stories of Carlesha Freeland-Gaither, Adriane Fields, Beatrice Weston.

Freeland-Gaither is a Black woman who was abducted and later found in 2014, Fields is a Black woman who was raped by the notorious Bathtub Killer Dale Scheanette in 1999 and Weston is a Black woman who survived Philadelphia’s Basement of Horrors in 2011. 

The Gabby Petito Story will premiere later this year on Lifetime.

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