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Lord Vishnu is pleased with the chanting of this garland on Thursday, these are 6 miraculous benefits

Vishnu favorite mala: Thursday is considered extremely beneficial and auspicious for worshiping Lord Vishnu. Worshiping Vishnu ji and chanting his beloved garland destroys sins. In the Puranas, chanting garland has been described as the easiest and best way to please your favorite deity. Just as it is advised to wear gems and metals according to the zodiac for auspicious effects, similarly it is very important to chant and wear a garland. Let us tell you which garland is dear to Vishnu ji and what are the benefits of wearing it. .

This garland is dear to Vishnu

  • A garland of flowers of Vaijayanti is adorned around the neck of Lord Satyanarayan, Vishnu ji and Lakshmi ji. Vaijayanti garland is used to chant the mantras of Vishnu.
  • This garland made from the seeds of Vaijayanti is also dear to Lord Krishna. Vaijayanti garland has the ability to bring victory in every work. It should be worn properly after consecration of life.
  • Generally chanting with Tulsi garland is also very beneficial to please Vishnu. The mantra should be chanted 108 times with Tulsi garland especially on Thursday. Wearing this garland is also suitable for purification of body and soul.

benefits of wearing vaijayanti garland

  • Wearing the garland of Vaijayanti increases good fortune. The negative feelings arising in the mind are eliminated.
  • Wearing it for money gain is considered auspicious. If it is worn by law, then the problems related to money gradually end and the financial condition becomes strong.
  • Vyjayanthi Mala is used after performing the puja after proving it. Monday or Tuesday is auspicious for wearing it. While wearing the garland, one must chant the mantra of Lord Vishnu, Namo Bhagwat Vasudevaya. By doing this, economic progress is achieved.
  • If there is a delay in the marriage of young men and women, then they should wear Vaijayanti garland on Thursday or Friday after being energized with special mantras. This will create possibilities of early marriage.
  • This garland is a wonderful source of energy. The person wearing it is not afraid to do any work, he does it with full confidence. They get success in every field.
  • By wearing it, the power to think in the right direction increases. The mind remains focused and decision making becomes easy.

according to legend

It is believed that Mother Earth had given this garland to Shri Krishna after the war to protect the universe with reverence and love, since then this garland is very dear to Shri Krishna.

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