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Make keratin cream with the help of banana

Most of the women are very much troubled by the problems related to hair. For this reason, women sometimes go to the parlor and take expensive beauty treatments and sometimes use different brands of beauty products, but using chemicals on more hair also spoils the look of the hair. Also the hair gets damaged. That’s why many women keep taking hair spa hair keratin or different types of treatments on their hair from time to time. But do you know that you can make such a mask at home which will be beneficial for the hair. Let’s know how to make keratin cream.

hair keratin cream


Two bananas, 2 to 3 tbsp, stale rice, two spoons of coconut milk, one egg, one spoon, olive oil.

To apply this cream on the hair, first you take two to three tablespoons of cooked rice in a bowl. Add grated banana to it. You mix two spoons of coconut milk in it and then apply it well in the hair. Then put the white part of one egg in it. Grind this mixture well. Now add a spoonful of olive oil in the last and keep it aside for some time.

of using –

Before using this cream on your hair, wash the hair thoroughly and detangle the hair. After this, use the hes cream on the hair. After applying this cream, leave the hair like this for some time.

Advantages –

People who have dry hair can use this cream, with the help of this hair will become both smooth and silky. This cream is also considered good for curly hair. It makes hair soft as well as moisturizes.

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