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Men-Women Friendship: Can a boy and a girl be just good friends? Learn

Men-Women FriendshipWith the changing times, everything is changing now. A boy and a girl can be good friends. To make friends, there is no need to get the thinking of gender. Being friends of a boy and a girl is not a new thing. Often we see in movies or even around us that a boy and a girl live only as friends. A boy and a girl cannot be friends. It is wrong to think and say so.

Thinking is important, not gender
According to a survey, friendship between males and females is absolutely possible. Like every common friendship, this friendship also starts with common interest in most cases about something. In relationships that are limited to friendship, the boy and the girl treat each other almost the same way as their friends of the same sex. Yes, it is definitely that male friends are more protective about their female friends.

friendship is tied by a thread of trust
It is said that many times the relationship of friendship overwhelms the relationship of blood, without any selfishness, this relationship is really just tied by the thread of trust. It is not necessary that a boy can only believe in a boy and a girl can only believe in a girl. This is no longer the case in real life. Boys and girls also become good friends and this relationship grows stronger even further.

Chances of romance?
According to a study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, there are chances of romance somewhere in such relationships. According to the researchers, ‘we think we can just be friends, but the truth is that romance can also enter it at some point.’ However, it also revealed that most of the chances of such romance are one-sided love, whose chances of being successful depend on the reaction of the other person.

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