Moon Knight, Memes And More: The Reasons Oscar Isaac Has The Internet’s Attention

Moon Knight, Memes And More: The Reasons Oscar Isaac Has The Internet's Attention

Just a photo of Oscar Isaac being adorable. (courtesy: poeskys/)

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When we say that no one was ready for the things that unravelled in episode 4 of Moon Knight, we are not exaggerating. The latest episode of the Marvel series has left fans scratching their heads. Can’t help but add that Oscar Isaac has pulled off the scenes with the unmatched flair of a thespian. So those familiar with the series would be aware that by the end of episode 3, the main characters, Steven Grant, Marc Spector (both played by Oscar Isaac), and May Calamawy’s Layla El-Faouly, Marc Spector’s wife, are left to save the world on their own. And, the latest episode – The Tomb – has loyally dedicated 30 minutes to following Marc Spector and Layla on their task. Well, then arrives the twist, which leaves Marc Spector “fatally” shot and another 10 minutes that casts a shadow of doubt on what happened in the last three episodes. 

After being wounded, Marc Spector wakes up in a mental asylum of sorts. And, he is soon seen running down a hallway and entering a room with a sarcophagus. We can hear someone pounding from inside. Surprise. Surprise. There’s Steven Grant inside. This essentially means two Oscar Isaacs in one frame, for the first time. And, this led to a meme fest. Well, it seems there is no such thing as too many Oscar Isaacs. Is there?

One fan was quick to guess correctly that Oscar Isaac’s spirited performance has indeed gifted Twitter with a new meme format. Sharing the tweet, the user wrote, “New meme format…lol.”

Issuing a fair warning for spoilers, another user summed up just how twisted the episode was.  “Me trying to piece together what is actually going on in Moon Knight after seeing episode 4,” the tweet read.

Remember the famous Spider-Man meme? A few were quick to draw parallels between Oscar Isaac’s still from Moon Knight and the meme.

Praises of Oscar Isaac came in from all quarters. Summing up the general sentiment, a person said, “Oscar Isaac continues to give one of the best performances seen in the MCU — I’ll never get over how beautifully he has brought one of my favourite characters to life.”

But it is not just the actor’s performance in Moon Knight that has caused fans to crush on him. Oscar Isaac, recently, also featured in Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show and we only have one word to describe his appearance – wholesome.

In the episode, the host is seen enlisting the actor’s help to get a few rescue dogs adopted. And in an attempt to make sure the dogs are adopted, Oscar Isaac and Stephen Colbert decided to ‘lie” about the dogs. So Oscar Isaac can be heard saying, “Alma (an adorable puppy) is a champion marathon runner, who has agreed to put your Fitbit to her collar. So now all those steps can be yours,” and, “Goose (another cute puppy) was one of my co-stars in the movie Dune. She played the most challenging role of all: Timmy Chalamet’s soft, fluffy hair.” Are you saying “aww” yet, because we are.

Needless to say, Twitter was onboard with the “Oscar Isaac and puppies” routine. Take a look:

For all you cat lovers, a user also kindly found photos of the actor with cats.

Watch the bit from The Late Show episode here:

In addition to Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac is known for his work in X-Men: Apocalypse, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Dune, and Scenes From A Marriage.

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