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Pot water is like nectar

Benefits of Clay Pot Water: Earlier in Indian homes, where people used to use earthen pots for drinking water to food, today its use has reduced. According to experts, keeping water in earthen pots brings soil properties, which remove the impurities of water and provide minerals, so pot water is more beneficial than refrigerator water. Due to this you will not have any kind of health problems. Let us know about the benefits of drinking pot water.

  • Digestion improves due to the minerals present in this water. By drinking it, we do not have problems like constipation and sore throat.
  • Such a property of purification is found in the soil, which absorbs all the toxic substances inside itself and mixes all the necessary micronutrients in the water.
  • The water of the pot helps in increasing the immunity of the body. Its regular consumption strengthens the immune system and gives the body the strength to fight diseases.
  • It helps in maintaining the pH balance of water in the body, which prevents gastric and acidity related problems.
  • Cold, cough and asthma problems can be avoided by consuming pot water.
  • Iron is found in abundance in the soil, which removes iron deficiency in the body. If someone has the problem of anemia, then pot water is very beneficial for him.
  • The pot water helps in fighting diseases like malaria, jaundice, typhoid and diarrhea.
  • Pot water is very beneficial for pregnant women. This water keeps his mind calm.
  • Clay has anti-inflammatory properties, which provides relief from problems like pain, cramps and swelling in the body.

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