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Send this inspirational message to friends and relatives on Kabir Das Jayanti

Happy Kabir Jayanti 2022 Wishes: Sant Kabir Das ji Jayanti will be celebrated on the full moon date of Jyeshtha month i.e. 14 June 2022. There are many differences regarding the birth of Kabir Das ji. He had attacked those who created hatred among the people wearing chola. It is said that the people who believed in Kabir ji were from every religion. Many couplets of Kabir Das ji work to bring us closer to success. On his birth anniversary, you can send these best wishes to your friends and loved ones.

Slowly I refuse, slowly everything is happening,

The gardener waters a hundred pots, let the season come with fruits

Sadhus are not hungry for money, they are not hungry for money.

One who is hungry for money, is not a sage.

Mala ferat jug bhaiya, phera na ki karna hai,

Give the bead of tax, turn the bead of the mind.

Devoted words are all bad, release everything,

The words of a sage are the form of water, rain is the torrent of nectar.

Jin Khoja Tin Paiya, Deep Water Penetration,

I was scared, I was sitting on the edge.

Tell the soil to the potter, what you trampled on,

One day it will come, I will trample so.

Do not speak good of excessive, do not silence good of extreme,

There is no rain for too much, no sunshine for too much.

Guys, if you will stop doing it, then you will see,

Because of human birth, not many times.

Mind Mecca Dil Dwarka, Kaya Kashi Jaan,

The dehra of ten gates, the flame of the flame.

Desire is gone, worry is gone, the mind is careless,

The one who does not want anything is the emperor.

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