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Take care of diamond, pearl and costume jewelery like this, follow these tips

Jewelery Store Tips: Nowadays people have different types of jewellery. People like to keep jewelery from diamond to pearl and stone. In such a situation, if you do not keep the precious jewelery properly, then the jewelery gets spoiled very quickly. Sometimes precious jewelery stones get lost. Many times diamonds break due to collision with each other. This may harm you. Today we are giving you some tips to keep such precious jewelery properly. You can keep your jewelery in this way.

Keep valuable jewelery like this

1- Diamond- Keep the diamonds in such a way that they do not touch each other. The reason for this is that only diamonds can destroy each other. In such a situation, keeping everyone separately will be absolutely right.

2- pearls- Pearls should always be kept in a wooden box. Keeping pearls in a bag or a plastic box causes them to deteriorate. So keep in mind that always keep the beads in a wooden box so that they remain fine.

3- Costume jewelry- Costume jewelery should also be kept in the same care as other jewellery. Keep it in such a way that the jewelery does not get sun or wind, it will remain like new.

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