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The essence of life is hidden in the nectar of Kabir Das

Kabir Das Amritwani: Kabirdas was a mystic poet and saint of India. He had never touched a pen but was known as a saint who showed the way to the people. Sant Kabir was not only a saint but also a thinker and social reformer. Many people have learned to live life from his nectar. His words bring positivity in life. Let us tell you his nectar which will awaken the feeling of doing something good in life.

Amritvani of Sant Kabir Das:

  1. There is one law of this world – that which rises also sinks.
  2. Hard work definitely pays off, don’t stop working out of fear. Like a diver brings only some of the deep water, but due to the fear of drowning, many would remain sitting on the shore.
  3. You can fight with all the people of the world but not with your loved ones. Because it is not to win with loved ones but to live.
  4. Who will ask you after you die? Therefore do charity without selfishness, this is the fruit of life.
  5. Hindus love Ram and Muslims love Rahman. They keep quarreling among themselves on this matter but they do not know the truth.
  6. Values, importance, love interest, pride, qualities and affection – all get washed away in the flood when a person is asked to give something.
  7. Don’t let your condition go to your condition. If you remain in your form, many people will come and meet you like boats.
  8. Nothing happens just by being called big, nobility is necessary. The date palm tree is big but neither is able to give shade, nor fruit easily to anyone.
  9. The sadhu was always hungry for compassion and love. He was not greedy for money. One who is hungry for money cannot be a monk.

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