The Razer Enki Pro HyperSense Is a Next Level Gaming Chair

Razer Enki HyperSense Pro chair image

I’ve always been a sucker for an excellent gaming chair. So when I saw the Razer Enki HyperSense Pro, I couldn’t help but be excited. This chair has every feature you could ever want, including haptic feedback that’ll immerse you in your games.

Razer describes the new Enki HyperSense Pro, calling it “an advanced gaming chair incorporating high-fidelity haptics, allowing users to experience a new dimension of immersion in gaming.”

The Enki Pro is already one of the nicer gaming chairs on the market in terms of comfort and performance, but the HyperSense portion is what makes this stand out. The haptic feedback in the chair is developed with D-BOX, the company responsible for those intense movie theater experiences you can find all over. If there’s one thing they know how to do well, it’s creating vibrations and movements that feel authentic.

As far as support for media, Razer says the chair will work with more than 2,200 games, movies, and music titles, so there’s plenty of content to enjoy with the high-end device.

To give it that Razer look and feel, the company included a Chroma RGB headrest that allows you to personalize the chair when in use.

Unfortunalty, Razer didn’t announce the price and release date for this incredible chair, so we’ll have to wait and see how much it’ll hit your wallet for and exactly when your butt can plant itself into this futuristic chair.

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