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The risk of these diseases increases in summer, be alert

With the onset of the summer season, the risk of many diseases starts increasing. The summer season brings with it high temperature, sunshine and many diseases. These diseases are caused due to our slight negligence. Many people consume cold things immediately after leaving the heat or come and drink cold water immediately, due to which stomach problems also occur. Some people get heatstroke and some get food poisoning. In such a situation, we are going to tell you how you can protect yourself from all these types of diseases.

dehydration- Lack of water in summer is a common thing. In summer, excessive sweating occurs, due to which the balance of water, sugar and salt in our body gets disturbed. The more water we drink, the more water comes out of your body. Water keeps coming out of your body through feces, urine and sweat continuously. Dehydration usually gets better quickly, but when your health deteriorates then you have to face big problems. In such a situation, you get to know symptoms like headache, increased thirst, fatigue, dry mouth.

rescue – Drink more and more water to avoid dehydration. Drink lemonade, coconut water, shikanji or other liquids. In such a situation, the consumption of seasonal fruits coming in summer will be very good for your health.

Prickly- There is a high risk of heatstroke during the summer season. Small red painful rash occurs on the body, in which it is very itchy. Usually this happens when the pores of the body are blocked and sweat is not able to come out from them. Prickly heat can also occur due to wearing too tight clothes. These small red colored rashes or rash come out on the body. Prickly affected areas can also come in the back, abdomen, neck, waist etc.

rescue – To prevent prickly heat, you can wear cotton or cotton clothes, so that your skin can also breathe. After bathing, do not wear clothes immediately, first dry your body thoroughly and only then wear clothes as much as possible. Avoid going out in the heat and keep drinking water to keep yourself hydrated.

food poisoningMost people have the problem of food poisoning in summer. In such a situation, germs spread rapidly in the environment and contaminate our food. We call this contaminated food food poisoning, which promotes stomach problems.

rescue – You can avoid this problem of food poisoning by eating fruits and green vegetables, but keep in mind that in summer, wash all these things thoroughly and eat them. Friends, if you are eating non-veg, then eat it only after cooking it completely. Do not eat stale or old food at all and definitely avoid outside food.

Typhoid- There is also a possibility of getting typhoid fever in summer. Typhoid is caused by bacterial infection in the digestive tract and bloodstream. You have a very high fever in this. High fever is its main symptom. At the same time, the appetite is also less. Symptoms of muscle pain, dryness, cough, headache or body ache remain. In such a situation, chills, lethargy and lethargy, weakness, more pain in the stomach, also come under its common symptoms.

rescue –To avoid typhoid, you should not consume contaminated food or water. Always eat EPA food after boiling water and heating it. Avoid eating spicy food as much as possible from outside food.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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