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The taste and freshness of tomatoes will remain, follow this method to store it for a long time

Tomatoes are mostly used in making vegetables and pulses. Unless there is a vegetable made of tomato gravy in the food, then the taste does not come. The taste of desi salad is also incomplete without tomatoes. But storing this tomato in the kitchen for a long time is a very tedious task. No matter how hard you try, these tomatoes either become very soft or get rotten.

Whereas when stored in the fridge, their taste changes and that thing does not remain, which happens in fresh tomatoes. Now the question arises that if tomatoes are not able to stay fresh even in the fridge, then how to keep them fresh for a long time… Because every time before making vegetables, one cannot go to the market to buy tomatoes. So the solution is, this special trick to keep tomatoes. Whenever you store tomatoes you have to keep two things in mind…

  • 1. While washing the tomato, do not remove the green part from behind it, from where the tomato is attached to the plant. Rather, leave it on and wash and clean the tomatoes easily.
  • 2. When placing the tomato, its stem ie the twig part should remain on the lower side and the red part of the tomato should remain on the top side.

Taking care of both these things, tomatoes remain fresh for a long time and also do not become soft. This is because due to the cover of the stem side, the entry of air and moisture inside the tomato is very less. Because of this they do not spoil quickly.

If you want to store tomatoes for a longer time and want to keep them in the fridge, then keeping these two things in mind, first keep the tomatoes in a paper bag and then store them in a plastic bag or box inside the fridge. Both the taste and texture of these tomatoes will remain correct.

Disclaimer: Take the method, methods and claims mentioned in this article only as a suggestion, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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