The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

You’ll know that NFT games are popular if you follow social media trends. With Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) dominating the social media conversation, you may be tempted to try your hand at these games. If you’re a gamer interested in NFTs, these games are a great way to combine your two passions.

However, not all NFT games are created equal. This post will explain how these games work and which games you should consider playing in 2022.

1. Alien Worlds

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

Statista says that more than 1.1 million people use Alien Worlds. Trillium (TLM), which is earned by playing this game, is used to take over Planet Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs) and play more games. It makes players compete in the economy and encourages them to run for the planetary council or vote for candidates for the council.

2. Gods Unchained

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

Gods Unchained is an NFT trading card game that also uses the play-to-earn model. This free-to-play game gives players full control over their in-game items, so they can sell, trade, or use them however they want. At the start of the game, new players get 140 free cards to help them learn how to play.

3. Splinterlands

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

Like Gods Unchained, Splinterlands is a non-fee-to-play card game where players can earn money as they play. The biggest difference is that you must buy your own pack of cards before playing. Each card has its own stat, mana cost, level, experience, ability, Splinter/rarity, and Splinter/rarity. You can find cards that let you heal yourself, do twice as much damage, slow down, and do other things.

4. Crabada

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

By far, the most popular play-and-earn game is Crabada. If looters are not present, mining expeditions require a minimum of three crabs and take approximately four hours to complete. Completing the mining expedition without being looted will earn the player 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS, but this will be reduced if an enemy team successfully looted.

5. Illuvium

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

Illuvium is an upcoming RPG with an open world like Pokemon. Players move through a digital world full of rare and strange monsters called “Illuvials” that can be caught, trained, and fought.

The point of the game is to put together a strong team of Illuvials that can beat other teams in battle and get rewards. Because many in-game items, like LAND and Illuvials, are represented by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be bought and sold at will, the game has both free and paid parts.

6. NFT Champions

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

If you’ve played Pokemon, you’ve probably played NFT Champions, which is a turn-based battle, collecting, and adventure game made possible by blockchain.

The gameplay in NFT Champions is based on a story, and there are many side quests for players to complete. This makes sure that each player’s gameplay experience is different. Like Pokemon, the game takes place in different areas, each with its own characters, champions, and quests.

7. Aurory

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

This story takes place in two places. On the one hand, there is Antik, a world where a few people have a lot of power (read: tradfi). On the other hand, there is Tokane, a parallel universe that the mysterious Satoshi found. And, if you haven’t guessed already, the hero of this story is named Sam (check the ecosystem to see why).

It’s interesting how Aurory’s story shows the difference between centralization and decentralization. This is something that everyone in the cryptoverse can relate to and rally behind. You get an enchanting package when you combine the styles of Pokemon and Studio Ghibli.

8. Dogami

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

Dogami could be the answer for people who had a Tamagotchi but didn’t like how real it was.

The game has a whole “Petaverse” with more than 300 different breeds of DOGAMI, each with its own set of characteristics. There are four levels of rarity for these cute creatures: bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Each one has its own traits.

9. The Walking Dead: Empires

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

This multiplayer game takes place in the world of the popular AMC TV show The Walking Dead. Fans of survival games will enjoy this game. In this MMO powered by blockchain, players can work together to fight zombies, compete with rivals, build new homes, and look for supplies. Like in the TV show, players can try to be the strongest and lead a group of allies, or they can give their loyalty to someone who is stronger.

10. The Parallel

The Top 10 NFT Games You Should Play in 2022

One of the best social NFT games is The Parallel, which is a metaverse where players can work together to make a world with endless possibilities. Runes are the building blocks of this metaverse, and you need them to make Paragons, which are NFT game pieces. 

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