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There was a lot of discussion about herd immunity during the whole wave, then why was it not benefited?

Covid-19: During the first wave of Corona, research went on that what is this bull and where did it come from. Because no one seemed to have any effect of medicines and prayers on this infection. At the same time, during the second wave of Corona, there was a lot of talk on Herd Immunity. People kept hoping for survival in the hope that even if the infection spreads, there would be benefits. Because this will increase herd immunity and after a limit, the growth of infection will stop. But in the case of Corona, nothing like this was seen happening on the real ground. What are the reasons for this and what the experts say about it, know here …

What is herd immunity?

Herd immunity means that immunity that is not in a particular person but in a group or group. That is, whenever a virus or other infectious disease has infected most people, then their body develops immunity against that disease or virus. When most of the people of a society get this immunity, then the spread of that infection stops. Herd immunity is the collective immunity of a group or society.

How does herd immunity work?

  • As mentioned above, when the body of most people of a group or society develops immunity to an infectious disease, then that disease automatically stops spreading.
  • Health experts believe that in order to develop herd immunity in any society, it is necessary to develop immunity in 60 to 80 percent of its people. This ability develops naturally when most of the population is cured by suffering from this disease.
  • Vaccination is another way to develop herd immunity. Even when most people are strengthened against the virus causing the disease by applying the vaccine, the spread of infection stops.

Why was the desired result not achieved in the case of Corona?

  • After increasing the corona infection, waiting for the arrival of herd immunity could have taken a toll on our world. Therefore, work was done on the vaccine quickly and for the first time in the world the vaccine for any disease was prepared in such a short time. Barely within 10 to 15 months. Whereas earlier it used to take 7 to 15 years for the vaccine to come.
  • But still, in the case of corona infection, our world has not reached the level of herd immunity that was expected. Scientists are assuming many reasons for this. The main reason among these is the virus constantly changing its form.
  • The different rate of spread of the virus can also be a reason for not forming herd immunity. For example, a person infected with Kovid-19 could spread the infection to two to three people. Whereas during Delta this rate increased to 5 people and omicron One person infected with the virus could transmit the infection to up to 20 people.
  • The virus may behave differently in regions with different climates and different climates and may not be able to vaccinate all people at the same time.
  • As soon as the increase of infection comes under control, people start being careless. Forget habits like masks, sanitizers, handwash and hygiene. As a result, the infection starts spreading once again. This is also a reason for not getting herd immunity.

Why is Corona rising again?

Corona is such an infection, which is coming out in a new form every time. To completely stop this infection, it is necessary that even when this infection is spreading at a very low speed, people should follow the measures to prevent it. But this is not happening. As soon as the rate of spread of Kovid-19 starts decreasing, people stop wearing masks. They become careless about Hygiene and do not take the same precautions in food and drink as before. Due to such carelessness, this infection is not able to stop completely.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, consult a doctor.

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