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These mistakes of yours do not make semolina pudding tasty, know what to do and what not

Cooking Tips: Sooji halwa is such a dessert that every Indian will like it. Which is definitely made in every house of India on any special occasion. Well, no special occasion is sought to make it, just the desire was made and made. Yes, but there are many people who are experts in making it, but many people try to make it again and again, but they do not know what such mistakes are made, due to which either the color of semolina pudding is not able to come or not. Same taste. Because of which he now thinks that I should not even try to make it anymore. But today we will tell you some such tips, due to which you can make semolina halwa very tasty in one go.

Do not roast semolina on high flame
Whenever you make semolina pudding, make it not in a hurry but by giving it a comfortable time. In order to fry it quickly, many people start roasting semolina on high flame. In such a situation, to avoid burning, he stirs it continuously, but still the semolina gets burnt from below. Due to which its taste changes.

rush to pour water without frying
While making the pudding, you have to keep in mind that whenever the semolina is fried, the semolina neither burns nor remains raw. Add water only after the semolina turns light brown. So that it retains its taste.

add less ghee while frying
Many people fry semolina in less ghee due to obesity, due to which the pudding looks very dry.
In such a situation, keep in mind that the amount of ghee should be kept right in the halwa.

do not pour water together
At the time of making semolina pudding, after roasting, you have to add little water in the beginning and keep stirring it so that lumps do not form in it. If you make the mistake of pouring water together, then the chances of forming lumps are more in it. Due to which its taste gets spoiled. So take care of it.

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