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These quadrupeds of Shani Chalisa will give freedom from sufferings, today is an auspicious coincidence

Shani Dev, Shani Chalisa in Hindi: Special fruits are obtained by worshiping Shani Dev on Saturday. It is believed that those who worship Shani Dev or keep a fast on Saturday, Shani does not bother them. The recitation of Shani Chalisa on this day is considered very good. Today is Shravan Nakshatra, the lord of this constellation is Shani Dev. Today Moon is transiting in Capricorn. The lord of Capricorn is also Shani Dev. Today there is a special coincidence of Shani Puja.

Shani Chalisa
Jayati Jayati Shani Dev Dayala. Kart always devotional
Chari Bhuja, Tanu Shyam Virajai. Forehead rattan crown image
The most beautiful spear. Bad eyesight
Kundal Shravan shone brightly. Hi Mal Muktan Mani Damke
Mace trident in tax. Take a moment to do arihin sahara.
Pingal, Krishna, Chhaya Nandan. Yama, Konastha, Raudra, Dukhbhanjan.
Sauri, Manda, Shani, Dasha Nama. Bhanu putra worship all work.
Go but the Lord will be pleased. Rankhun Rao kain moment mahi
The mountain can be seen. Mount Trinahu
Raj Millat Ban Ramhin Dinhyo. Kaikeyihun’s death is Hari Linhyo.
The deer showed deceit in Banhu. Matu Janki was stolen.
Lakhanhin Shakti Vikal Karidara. Outcry in the Machiga party
Ravana’s speed-thinking Baurai. Ramchandra son increased his hatred.
Diyo kite kari kanchan lanka. Baji Bajrang Bir Ki Danka
Tuhi pagu stream on nripa vikram. Chitra peacock nigali ga hara
Haar Naulakha Lagyo theft. Hands and feet are afraid of zucchini
Show bad condition. Make Telihin Ghar Crusher
Vinay Raga Deepak Maha Keenhiyon. Then the Lord is happy
Harishchandra Nrip Nari Bikini. You filled the dome house with water.
Just like Dasha Sirani on the tap. Bhunji-Pin jumped the water.
When Shri Shankarahin Gahyo went. Parvati got sati done.
Do it a little late. Nabh udi gayo gaurisut lead
Your condition is on the Pandavas. Draupadi left
Don’t kill the Kauravas too. War mahabharat kari daryo
Where is the face of the Sun? Take it and jump on it.
The rest of the gods brought a request. Redeemed Ravi from his face.
The vehicle of the Lord’s seven suzana. The giant deer swan
Jambuk Singh etc. have nails. So called the fruit astrology.
Gaja vehicle comes to Laxmi Griha. May you produce happiness
Lose the womb. Bahu Kaza. Singh Siddhakar Raj Society
Destroy Jambuk’s intellect. Deer give pain and kill life.
When the Lord Swan rides away. Be it theft etc., the fear is heavy.
Taishi Chari Charan Yeh Naama. Gold Iron Silver Aru Tama
When the Lord comes on the iron foot. Destroy public property
Samta copper silver auspicious. Gold, all happiness and good luck.
Which this Shani character is not given. When not the condition is the worst persecution
Wonderful Nath show off Leela. Sacrifice the enemy’s intoxicants loose.
The pundit who was well called. Duly made Shani planet peace.
Peepal water offering on Shani Day. Deep daan dai many happiness pawat
Kahat Ram Sundar Prabhu Dasa. Shani Sumirat would have been happy.

Text to Shanishchar Dev, that the ‘devotee’ is ready.
Karat lessons forty days, be across the ocean

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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