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To convert friendship or love into a marriage relationship? Keep marriage proposal like this

Relationship Marriage Proposal: Love is not done, love just happens. No matter how modern the era may be, love will always happen and the confusion before it is revealed will continue to make you restless. During a recent IPL match, the girl who expressed her love in front of thousands of people and hundreds of cameras in a stadium full of boldness, would not have been easy for her to do the same. How much planning would he have done and how much he must have prepared himself from inside… Love is such a feeling, that when it comes, it is suppressed, but when it happens, the people around come to know without informing.

If you are also in love with someone and want to give the name of marriage while taking the relationship forward, then propose to the partner in such a way that he cannot live without falling in love with the style of Izhar-e-Ishq and with a lovely smile. Be happy and say yes. So let’s know which way will be best for you to propose your partner.

Get this thing out of your mind

Before knowing how to propose, you should completely remove from your mind that any particular style of proposing is only for boys or only for girls. Not only boys can propose by kneeling, but girls can also do it, you just saw the example of this during IPL. Secondly, it is not always the responsibility of the boy to take the relationship forward. If you feel that now is the time to give a new name to your relationship and take it to the next level, then you must also take initiative from your side with full confidence.

1. Partner likes ghazals and poems

If your partner is fond of reading and listening to ghazals and poems, then choose a romantic ghazal or poem and remember it. Then keep your proposal with this during a romantic date or dinner.

2. Bollywood lover is your partner

If your partner is a Bollywood lover, then you can express your love with a romantic dialogue. By mimicking his favorite actor or actress, you can propose him for a relationship or marriage.

3. For the introvert partner

Your partner loves you a lot but always lags behind in expressing love or sharing your feelings, then it is time to take the command in your hands. Plan a great date or dinner date and be straight forward with cute gifts. When you say that thing to your partner, which he is not able to tell you even if he wants to… believe that along with the proposal, he will love your style too!

4. For a partner with a good sense of humor

If your partner loves laughter and has a good sense of humour, then you can add a twist to your proposal as well. Something like this… all of a sudden you tell your partner that you are leaving the city… On asking the reason, tell him that you will live in this city only if he gets married and lives under one roof with you!

5. Some More Methods

  • Go on a long drive together and propose at the right time.
  • Organize a party with friends and propose during this time. Keep friends informed about this proposal in advance so that you will get full support in making the atmosphere pleasant.
  • Go on holidays together and speak your heart to him in your own special style according to the mood and place.
  • Expressing your heart by giving a beautiful red rose has always been the simplest and most beautiful way of Ishq-e-Ishq.

6. What to do to get married soon?

  • If you want to get married as soon as possible, then there is another way, you buy a wedding dress for your partner, decorate it with beautiful packing and while gifting, say to the partner ‘I want the dress I want inside it. Be mine forever and ever in front of all relatives and friends and this day will come only next month!’

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