Tom Hanks Yells At Fans To “Back The F*** Off” After Wife Nearly Knocked Over: Report

Tom Hanks Yells At Fans To 'Back The F*** Off' After Wife Nearly Knocked Over: Report

Tom Hanks was outside Nobu restaurant in New York when the incident took place.

Actor Tom Hanks yelled at a group of fans to “back the f*** off” from wife Rita Wilson who was nearly knocked over while leaving a restaurant. The incident took place on Wednesday night outside Nobu restaurant in New York and its video is now going viral on social media.

Mr Hanks, 65, visited the popular sushi spot with his wife and children. While coming out, surrounded by a few security guards, a group of fans surrounded the couple and in the tussle, Ms Wilson nearly lost her footing, Fox News reported.

The Forrest Gump star quickly jumped into action, separating her wife from the mob-like circle of fans who wanted autographs. “My wife? Back the f*** off! Knocking over my wife?” a visibly annoyed actor is heard saying in the video.

The couple then quickly headed towards their car and left the place. Page 6 reported that some fans apologised to Mr Hanks and his family.

Social media users supported Mr Hanks for his actions.

“COMPLETELY JUSTIFIED. Y’all, if your actions are inspiring *Tom Hanks* to scream at you, you have made grave missteps in your life choices,” a user tweeted.

“Good work! People need to help check each other. Back off!” said another.

Mr Hanks has been on a tour to promote his upcoming film, Elvis. It has already received great reviews and is being looked out as a major hit for this year.

Mr Hanks plays Elvis Presley’s conniving manager Colonel Tom Parker in the film, which will be released in theatres on June 24.

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