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Upay: These two planets have a big role in getting children happiness, please do like this

Upay in Hindi , Sun Remedies in Hindi : In astrology, every planet has its own special significance. It is considered necessary to keep the Sun and Jupiter planets happy for those who wish for children’s happiness. If these two planets are auspicious, they provide happiness of children. Not only this, children are capable, educated and cultured. It plays an important role in the progress of the father. In astrology, where Sun is the king of the planets and Jupiter is described as the guru of the gods. When these two planets are auspicious and powerful in the horoscope, then the child achieves success at a young age. Parents are proud of such a child.

The fifth house of the horoscope is that of children (5th house in kundli)
According to astrology, if the lord of the fifth house is in the sixth, eighth and twelfth house from the child factor Jupiter in the wife’s horoscope or if the fifth, seventh and ninth house lord is in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house, then there is an obstacle in getting a child. For this, Sun and cow should be worshipped, with their blessings there is a possibility of having children soon.

To please the Sun God, do these measures on Sunday
On the Saptami of any Shukla Paksha (if that day falls on a Sunday then it would be better) offer Arghya to Suryanarayan with water, worship with flowers etc. and offer a fruit (eat the fruit after worship without cutting it) and get a child. Express your wish If possible, take food without salt at one time. The fast should be duly ended by fasting on Sundays throughout the year. It is believed that by the grace of the Sun God, effective children will be obtained. Ask God for forgiveness of sins. Chant the Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrityunjaya Mantra at least 2500 times and in the end, offer food to Brahmins after performing a havan. If there is frequent abortion, then ghee should be donated in the temple and where religious programs are held. Small children should have food. The nest of any animal bird should not be broken.

Gauri worship gives freedom from child hindrance
Gauri Puja should be done to get rid of child hindrance. Starting from Shukla Paksha Pratipada of Margashirsh month, do this worship for 16 consecutive days. Eat food only once i.e. keep fast every day. Chant the mantra ‘Bandhyatva Har Gaurye Namah’ 16,000 times a day or as many times as you can. On the last day, keep a lamp filled with sesame oil lit in front of Gauri and do Jagran and Gauri Bhajan-Kirtan throughout the night. After hymn-kirtan, after feeding 16 brahmins and brahmins, donate clothes etc. to all, and get the blessings of having children. Maa Gauri will fulfill your wish.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Before applying any information or assumption, consult the concerned expert.

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