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When is the first Monday of Sawan, these 5 grains must be offered to Bholenath in Sawan

Sawan 2022: Sawan, the beloved month of Bholenath, is starting from July 14, 2022. The first Monday of Sawan will fall on July 18. Special worship is done to Lord Mahadev in this entire month. It is believed that Mahadev becomes happy only by offering water. But the holy month of Sawan is such where there is importance and benefit of offering many types of grains to Lord Shiva. With this Lord Bholenath destroys the sufferings of his devotees and fulfills all their wishes.


Offering Akshat to Shivling in the month of Sawan is considered very auspicious. By offering a handful of rice to Shiva, the natives get Lakshmi. If your money is stuck somewhere, then you get it back soon. Take care that the rice is not broken.

black mole

It is believed that those who offer black sesame seeds to Bholenath, all kinds of troubles end from their lives. Stay healthy both mentally and physically. There is also relief from sudden troubles.

Pigeon Pea

Offer tur dal to Shiva throughout the month. This will increase wealth and prosperity and happiness and prosperity in the lives of the devotees. Apart from this, there is also relief from sorrows.


If there is a hindrance in your special work. Then offer a handful of moong to Bholenath. By doing this, the Lord is pleased quickly and gives the desired results. If you are not able to do this for the whole month, then you can also do these measures on Monday of Sawan.


Offering barley on Shivling gives worldly pleasures. Whereas by offering wheat, one gets the pleasure of having children.

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