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Why is the Garuda bell used in worship? Know its religious importance

Importance of Garuda Ghanti : The practice of putting bells or bells at the entrance of the temple and at special places has been going on since ancient times. At the same time, Garuda bell is also kept in the place of worship of the house. According to religious scriptures, sound or sound has a special contribution in the creation of the universe. It is believed that the sound that was produced at that time when the universe was created, the same sound emanates from this Garuda bell. According to the doctrine of Hinduism, light originates from sound and sound originates from point form of light. Due to which the sound in the form of a bell is kept in the temple or the house of worship. It is said that ringing the bell during worship removes negative energies and all kinds of Vastu defects and increases happiness and prosperity. Let us know why the Garuda bell is so important? And what are its benefits. Importance of Garuda Bell Although many types of bells are available in the market, but in the daily worship of Lord Vishnu, we should ring the bell with Garuda symbol only. It is said that the person who worships Lord Vishnu and performs aarti with a bell bearing the Garuda symbol in his hand, attains the fruit of observing the Chandrayan fast and the sins of that person’s many births are destroyed.

how many bells are there
There are 4 types of bells or bells – first Garuda bell, second door bell, third hand bell and fourth bell. If we talk about Garuda bell, then it is small, which can be played with one hand. The doorbell is the one that hangs on the door. It is of both big and small size. The hand bell is like a round plate of solid brass, which is played by tapping it with a wooden mattress. And the hour is too big. At least 5 feet tall and wide. After playing it, the sound goes for many kilometers.

Benefits of ringing Garuda bell

  • If your work is not getting done in spite of lakhs of efforts, then donate a brass bell to any temple on Saturday or Tuesday. By doing this all your problems will go away and the stalled work will also start being done.
  • Ring the bell every day at the time of aarti after worshiping the Lord. This will open the closed doors of luck forever.
  • Ringing the Garuda bell in the morning after bathing every day mata lakshmi She remains happy and always keeps her grace at that house. There is never any shortage of money in the house and the means of income start increasing continuously.
  • Ringing the Garuda bell every day at home keeps the harmony between all the members of the family and mutual love increases among all the members.
  • It is believed that by ringing the Garuda bell, the worship of a person becomes very fruitful and successful. The sound of the Garuda bell gives peace to the mind and also reduces mental stress.

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that does not endorse any kind of belief, information. Consult the relevant expert before applying any information or assumption

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