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Why is ‘World Earth Day’ celebrated on 22nd April? Know the history and theme of celebrating this day

World Earth Day 2022: Every year April 22 is celebrated in the room of ‘World Earth Day’. Earth is considered our mother. Today the earth is facing many challenges. Every day we are facing problems like global warming, pollution etc. Humans have caused a lot of damage to the environment for development. In such a situation, environmental experts believe that if necessary steps are not taken to preserve the earth soon, then humans will have to bear the brunt.

Reasons for celebrating ‘World Earth Day’
The reason behind celebrating ‘World Earth Day’ i.e. World Earth Day is that people understand the importance of the environment and take necessary steps to save the earth. This day is also known as International Mother Earth Day. On this day people take a pledge to save the earth. Different types of programs are organized in schools. Along with this, awareness is spread among the children and people about the importance of planting trees, to keep the environment clean and tidy. Many social workers also organize processions and street plays to save the earth.

History of celebrating ‘World Earth Day’
World Earth Day is celebrated in 192 countries of the world. For the first time, celebrating ‘World Earth Day’ was started in the year 1970. In the 1960s, in the name of development work, indiscriminate forest was being cut all over the world. This was causing great damage to the environment. In order to stop this harvesting and to make people aware of the environment, the US Senator announced a convention in Washington in September 1969. Children from many schools and colleges also participated in this conference. Since then, from the year 1970, the whole world has started celebrating this special day as ‘World Earth Day’.

theme of the year 2022
A special theme has been kept on the occasion of ‘World Earth Day’ of the year 2022. The theme is- ‘Invest in Our Earth’. This theme means Invest for our Earth. Discover and apply new ways to save the earth with this theme. The theme of the year 2021 was ‘Restore Our Earth’.

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