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TecHsBorN is an outstanding and well-trusted online platform which has dedicated itself in publishing reliable and useful information about the world’s most superior cell phone’s Operating system. Yes! You judged the right; we are talking about Android. We publish content on latest Android news, Smartphone launch, guides to various and common problems in the smartphones, various Android Tips and Tricks, buying guide, Installing Custom ROM, various deals and the list continues to grow. For any queries, feel free to contact us.

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We are on a mission to make it possible for everyone to come across the latest Android news and other information in a very easy and reliable manner. The whole content we publish on our platform can be accessed by the visitors totally free of cost. We fell happy to help more than 5,000 visitors daily in gaining maximum knowledge about what exactly is happening in the world of Android and International Smartphone markets.


As already mentioned, TecHs-BorN publish news and articles on latest smartphone technology, features, guidelines on operating smartphones, blogs, Installing Custom ROM, Android Tips and Tricks and latest deals.

We don’t derive our revenues from the readers or visitors. Instead, we have loyal advertisement partners and sponsors who enable us to keep up the pace all the time. Organizations are free to advertise us at a very nominal price and we enable them to reflect their banners, services, products and to run their promotional/marketing campaigns on our platform under a secure and trusted manner. Organizations can also sponsor a specific section or a web-page on our website.

We always make sure of reliable, up to date and accurate information in all our posts as all our writers are highly experienced and have top-notch writing skills. Since the day we declare our presence on the World Wide Web, we have grown into one of the best platforms where visitors can access all the information about Android under one roof. We are helping Android lovers all over the world to boost their knowledge about the same.

TecHs-BorN work hard to provide the genuine and authenticated information to the readers. We are honest in dealing with one and all associated with us either directly or indirectly. We have some of the best content writers with us who help us gather and report the latest information on Android technology and the same is framed for the readers in a reliable manner.

Those who feel it healthy to advertise on our platform are often encouraged to provide us information which is superior in every aspect. However, the true value of advertisements on our website is actually determined by the interest of our loyal visitors.  

  • We publish content which is free from all sort of copyright issues and always believe in respecting the parallel platforms on the World Wide Web with a mission similar to us.
  • Accepting the feedback and utilizing the same to make our services more reliable in the future is something we are largely practice.
  • We believe error-free outcomes can be achieved only through team-work and through the contribution of minds that think one step ahead. Our editorial team is equipped with 21st Century writing skills and is free to discuss with us anything that can be done for the betterment of published content
  • As a matter of policy in the writing, we don’t change the quotes published on our website. After publishing a news or an article on our platform, we perform a through crosscheck and confirm the authenticity of facts. The information is then modified and changed to make it close to the truth by our loyal editorial team.
  • The Internet is a vast platform. The information that remains valid one day one may not remain with the same status during the next days in a row. Therefore the content offered by the third-party resources may not be always correct and we don’t take responsibilities of the accuracy of the same. Despite our team perform a cross-check, some links as already mentioned may change or get modified at a later stage.
  • The entire content published at our website has been labeled accurately. The same is provided by the editors and the freelancers.
  • We follow a sophisticated policy of making corrections in the content published. The same is corrected and taken close to accuracy whenever a factual error is reported.
  • The opinion shared by the bloggers is not always necessary to be made public by the TecHs-BorN
  • Any sort of claim stating inaccuracy on our website should be reported directly to editorial team
  • In the terms stating use of this website, the information regarding communicating Copyright Agent can be found easily.

Editorial Liability:

It is the responsibility of the Chief-editor at TecHs-BorN to maintain the editorial autonomy in the regular decisions made. Also, the chief-editor make sure of maintaining the same for the comments, views, as well as the options that are present on the website and are generally posted by the users.

We will make our best efforts to take appropriate actions against any controversial information, article or content. Any published material on our website is not the sole opinion of the writer but is actually based on the facts.

The decision of the chief-editor shall remain final and is bounded on one and all whether to publish or not a post submitted for review. It might be due to publishing something that reflects wrong information, dishonest opinions, misleading information, errors or due to not following the writing guidelines set by the chief editor.

Content Partners

We at TecHs-BorN don’t take any sort of money for the referrals or for the leads generated through us. We work with a team of organizations and content writers and these relations exist for the mutual benefits such as generating traffic and sharing advertisements.

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