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Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Android Auto Not Working Fix

Android Auto is regarded as one of the most practical and useful apps by those who drive their cars frequently, taxi drivers, and other users. Anyone who operates a motor vehicle can find great utility in this app. The Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro provide a pure Android experience for fans of the operating system. The newest smartphones from Google are the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

Along with many other innovations, this smartphone comes with a new camera system and a speedier processor. However, a number of users have noted that Android Auto is incompatible with the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. That, after all, is the reason we are here. We’ve covered some of the greatest solutions for Android auto not working in this post, so check it out. So let’s begin by referring to the guide.


Why Isn’t Android Auto Connecting?

You can use Android Auto to control some smartphone operations using an Android-compatible car display. It was made with safety in mind, allowing you to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Android Auto is compatible with many additional automobile manufacturers in addition to Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, SEAT, Skoda, Volkswagen, and Volvo vehicles. You can use this gadget to make calls, send and receive messages, play music, and look up directions. Still, there are a few issues with the app. If you are experiencing issues with Android Auto, you can try the following solutions.

How to Fix Google Pixel 8 And 8 Pro Android Auto Not Working

The following troubleshooting steps will therefore undoubtedly assist you in fixing the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Android Auto not working issue:

Fix 1: Restart your smartphone

Most likely, it was only a small error. If Android Auto isn’t functioning on your Google Pixel 8 or 8 Pro, you might be able to fix it by just rebooting your device. After configuring Android Auto, make sure everything is operating as it should. You can also determine whether there are any problems by waiting a little before shutting off your car.

Fix 2: Check Your Paired Car Settings

One of the greatest things about the Android Auto software is that it allows you to pair your phone with several cars. As a result, configurations could be incorrect or accidentally altered.

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It could have been an accident to put your car on the Rejected Cars list or to enable multiple car communication, for example. If you have connected to different cars in the past, it is possible that you are attempting to connect to a different one now.

You can check that all options are right by going to the Settings area of your Android Auto app. If everything seems to be working well but you are still unable to link the app to your sound system, you may want to disconnect all of your cars from the app and start over.

Fix 3: Update your device and Android Auto

It is possible that if Android Auto stops working unexpectedly, you will fall behind in updates. If there are any available, you can search System Updates for Android updates before applying them to fix the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Android Auto not working issue.

Checking for Android Auto app updates on the Google Play Store is also a smart idea. After you’ve finished the upgrades, you should attempt to test if Android Auto operates. You might also need to accept an update to the user agreement in order to keep using Android Auto. It can be one of the causes of the app’s malfunction. Accept the agreement to use Android Auto going forward.

Fix 4: Replace the USB cable

If your car isn’t compatible with the USB cord, using an outdated or subpar cable could cause issues. If Android Auto was functioning perfectly before and is suddenly having problems connecting, you might want to think about getting a new cable.

Compatibility is an important consideration when choosing a new cable to use with your Android Auto app, in addition to length. Don’t use cables longer than three feet, or little less than a meter. You can make sure the signal is robust and consistent in this way.

To ensure compatibility, use the cable that came with your phone whenever feasible. Usually, the manufacturer tests these cables to guarantee optimal performance. As a result, a Pixel phone and a Pixel cable ought to function well.

Fix 5: Clear cache and storage for Android Auto

Cache data is helpful for effective program usage, however it can occasionally result in app crashes. By deleting the cache, the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Android Auto not working issue could be resolved.

You must unplug your phone from the infotainment system in your vehicle. Disconnect the USB wire from your car and turn it off to delete the cache data. To remove the cache and storage from Android Auto on your Android phone, follow these steps.

  • Go to the “Settings” menu and select “Apps & notifications.”
  • Press “Android Auto” from the app list.
  • After selecting “Storage,” select “Clear cache.”
  • After completing that, turn on your phone again and launch Android Auto once more.

Fix 6: Check For Compatibility

If your car display isn’t showing Android Auto, it could not be a problem with your phone. Even though your automobile has USB capability, it might not support Android Auto. Verify your car’s compatibility with Android Auto by visiting Google’s list and seeing if it fits the list.

If you’re unsure, it’s also a good idea to refer to your car’s handbook. If Android Auto is not supported in your automobile, there is no need to buy a new one. One can get a stereo that is compatible with Android Auto.

Fix 7: Troubleshoot your car’s infotainment system

It’s possible that a little bug is keeping you from utilizing Android Auto in your vehicle. Restarting the entertainment system in your car is a good idea if it is possible. Consult the handbook for your vehicle to restart the system.

Just turning your car off for a few minutes and then back on can be enough to restart it. If Android Auto is still having trouble connecting, you might need to get in touch with the Google Support Center for help.

Fix 8: Launch a Support Ticket

Consider contacting the Android Auto team for assistance if you’ve tried all of these solutions and Android Auto is still not working.

  • Navigate to the Android Auto app’s “Menu” area.
  • After selecting “Help & Feedback,” click “Send feedback.”
  • Even though you might not hear back straight away, you will probably get useful advice on how to use the app once more.

That concludes our guide on resolving the Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro Android Auto not working problem. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you. Use the space below to let us know if you require any additional information.

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