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Open Touch If OnePlus Not Working Properly 7 Fix

If your OnePlus Open’s touchscreen isn’t working properly, there are easy fixes available—as provided as the screen isn’t broken. I will walk you through each of these options step-by-step in this guide.

One of the best foldable phones on the market right now is the OnePlus Open. In addition to its remarkable feature set, the gadget has outstanding software and build quality. But even the most advanced technology may have problems, and the OnePlus Open is no exception.

It’s critical to comprehend the contributing elements to the touchscreen issue on your OnePlus Open before moving on to the solutions. For further information, see the section that follows.

Why Won’t My OnePlus Open Touch Work Properly?

  • Software bug: Software bugs may give rise to touchscreen problems. As a result, you need to make sure that there are no software errors on your OnePlus Open.
  • Hinge issues: On foldable phones, like the OnePlus Open, the screen can extend and fold thanks to a hinge. It may give rise to issues with the touchscreen if it is broken or shifted. Examine the hinge closely for any damage.
  • Screen protector malfunction: The smartphone may not register your touches if the screen protector is not properly positioned. Touchscreen issues might arise even with a heavy screen protector applied.
  • App incompatibility: Not all Android apps are compatible with the OnePlus Open or any other foldable phone. Therefore, attempting to execute an incompatible app may result in problems.
  • Hardware damage: There’s a chance that the screen is broken or broken. This is usually the case in cases where the gadget has been dropped or water-damaged. Extreme temperature exposure might potentially harm the touchscreen.

Your OnePlus Open may be experiencing touchscreen issues as a result of one of these issues. You already know them, so let’s get started with the troubleshooting techniques.

How to Fix OnePlus Open Touch Not Working Properly

To resolve the touchscreen problems on your OnePlus Open, try these fixes.

1. Restart Your OnePlus Device

Restarting the device can sometimes resolve touchscreen problems. The reason for this is that the gadget ends all background apps and temporary data. Only processes that are required are loaded after the restart.

Software bugs that cause issues with the touchscreen can be fixed by restarting the device. So, give this simple exercise a go on your OnePlus Open and see if it helps later.

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On your OnePlus Open, press the volume up and power buttons at the same time until the power menu appears. After that, select Restart and watch for the gadget to turn on.

2. Clean the Touchscreen

Compared to standard smartphones, foldable phones—like the OnePlus Open—are more likely to accumulate dust. This is due to a hinge in them that leaves a tiny space between the screens for dust and other material to collect.

The OnePlus Open’s capacity to detect touches may be hampered by excessive dust buildup. For this reason, you should clean your gadget on a regular basis to keep the touchscreen responsive. Clean your gadget with water and a lint-free cloth.

3. Check for Software Updates

Software updates are frequently released by OnePlus and frequently include bug fixes and performance enhancements. Therefore, the most recent version might have fixed any touchscreen bugs. Therefore, updating your OnePlus Open might fix the problem.

Verify that the internet is accessible on your device. Go to Settings -> System and select System update to make sure the software is up to current. Install and download any available updates.

4. Remove Problematic Apps

Third-party apps provide your tablet more features, but sometimes they might cause issues and interfere with touchscreen functions.

Remove the app to see if it’s the source of the touchscreen issues if they started after installation. To identify the offending app, try uninstalling recently installed apps one at a time if the issue continues.

Problems with touchscreens might also result from using an incompatible app. This ought to be the case if the issue arises when utilizing a specific application. Then uninstalling the program ought to resolve the problem. If the issue still doesn’t go away, you might wish to attempt other fixes.

5. Remove the Screen Protector

Inconsistencies in the touchscreen may arise if the screen protector on your OnePlus Open is ill-fitting or broken. It may also be difficult for a thick screen protector to register your touches.

Take off the screen protector to see if the issues with the touchscreen are resolved. Get a better screen protector for your OnePlus Open if the touchscreen performs better than it does now.

6. Factory Reset Your OnePlus Open

You can be certain that there are no software issues with your OnePlus device by doing a factory reset. All of the data on your device—including installed apps, documents, movies, and pictures—will be deleted.

Your gadget is returned to its original state after a factory reset. It frequently fixes software issues, such as inconsistent touchscreen performance. Make sure to backup all of your crucial data before doing a factory reset.

Consider supporting your OnePlus Open. Take a look at these 12 apps to quickly create an Android device backup.

When you’ve finished backing up your data, take the following actions:

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Tap System after swiping down to find it.
  3. Select Reset options.
  4. Choose the option labeled Erase all data (factory reset).
  5. Click on the bottom option, Erase all data.
  6. Once more, tap Erase all data.
  7. Verify the lock screen.

After the OnePlus Open has been factory reset, configure it. Now that it’s working properly, you ought should be able to use the touchscreen.

7. Contact OnePlus Support

I can appreciate your dissatisfaction if you have attempted the aforementioned solutions but none of them worked for you. As of right now, I can state that your OnePlus Open either has a defective touchscreen or a serious issue that OnePlus hasn’t yet resolved.

Please contact OnePlus support if you need any additional help. Remember to indicate the solutions you’ve already tried in order to get a prompt answer from them. Alternatively, you can take it to a OnePlus service facility to get it examined by experts.

Wrapping It Up

Even bad are touchscreen issues that make it difficult to use the apps or screens. Thankfully, I’ve included a few simple solutions in this post. Utilize each one individually until the issue is fixed.

In the event that the issue continues in spite of your efforts, you should get in touch with the brand since there can be hardware problems. I hope you found this guide to be useful. Please leave your queries in the space provided for comments below.

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